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19 x 28 Currency Shipping Deposit Bag Clear Large, super heavy duty security bags for high volumes of cash. Gold level Seal provides the highest degree of security to protect against theft and alteration. Use Security Bag Endorsement Stamp D2037 to imprint with your namebanking information for accurate processing. We've updated these best selling deposit bags with stronger yet thinner plastic and a new look. Our new Gold level Seal indicates our highest degree of security against all mechanical hand pulling, chemical solvents, thermal hot air and freezer spray and moisture licking with tongue tampering attempts. Functional all clear 4 recyclable plastic features a single pocket. $220.99

This guide is a supplement to the Cash Services of Procedures PDF CSMOP and is not all inclusive of the requirements.

Deposit Visual Reference Guide Introduction.

Showing 1 1 of 1. When it comes to making secure bank deposits its key to your business that you choose the right night. Each bag include a sequential number system and meet the Federal Reserve Bar Code requirements 100 per case. MAKE ALL YOUR DEPOSITS SAFE HASSLE FREE WITH SECURITY BAGS. Charged to the. Number system and meet the Federal Reserve Bar Code requirements 100 per case. Bags containers must be securely sealed. Available Item Numbers 10 10 0 Unit of Measure 100 Per Box Holds up to 100 lbs White Shimmer Holiday Cards. Tamper Indicators Top Seal indicator 2019 Laser 1099 Misc Income Set Envelope Kit 4 Part. 1 x Currency Shipping Deposit Bag Clear.

Tamper evident opaque side to conceal contents tear off receipts easy to write on surface 19 X 28 Currency Shipping Deposit and complete instruction guide are just some of the deposit back features. Currency Deposit Quality Standards Use only clear plastic bags or clear plastic or metal containers that bear your organizations identification logo and or name.

Products Like Plastic Deposit Bag Clear 100 per 1 x Clear Currency Bags Plastic Deposit Bag Clear 1000 per.

Description Tamper Evident plastic deposit bags Sequentially numbered mil printed stock with tear off receipt.

If a deposit does not comply with these guidelines it be rejected by the servicing Federal Reserve Bank and returned to the depositor at their expense or differences associated with these errors be charged to the. Bag seals must be tamper evident. Poly Pak 1 x Federal Reserve Deposit Currency Bag Writeguard. Bundle the currency by denomination in ten equal straps 100 notes in each strap.

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